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“Midnight Prayer” with Jon Shain, January 2019. Video by Kevin Keister.
“My Heart Delivers Me,” with Leah Kaufman at Guitar-B-Que festival, June 2018. Video by Keith Taylor. (c) Isabel Taylor
“Fear and Wanting,” with Leah Kaufman at the Southeast Regional Folk Alliance conference, May 2018. Video by David Hakan, Gypsy Wagon Studios.
“Take Me Flying” from the album Awake Again, featuring Allyn Love on pedal steel guitar. Video produced and edited by Parker Bruer. (c) 2016 Isabel Taylor
“What the Water Knows” with guest Graymatter, Blue Note Grill, April 2016
(c) 2016 Isabel Taylor
“Hold Her Like Sand,” WHUP FM, Dec. 4, 2015 (c) Isabel Taylor
Pinnacle View Creative Events with David Wilcox, April 17, 2015. All songs (c) Isabel Taylor.
The Tokyo Rosenthal Program, Pittsboro, NC, September 2014 – with Tom Ed White.
At Pinnacle View women’s beach retreat, Pine Knoll Shores, NC, March 2014.
First video of Lost My Baby to Music, (c) 2013 Keith Taylor!

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