Isabel Taylor is a singer-songwriter whose foundation in 60s and 70s acoustic folk music informs her musical style and songwriting. Her debut CD, Awake Again, was released in June 2016 and reached number 15 on the folk DJ charts in January 2017.

Short bio

Based in Chapel Hill, NC, Isabel Taylor started singing at local open mics in 2010, accompanying herself on guitar.

For several years, she has performed at local venues, festivals, and private events in the Triangle (NC) and on the coast, both solo and accompanied by fellow musicians. A native of Buffalo, NY, singing has been a passion of hers since childhood, and songwriting has become a way of personally expressing her views on life and love.

“Though I began by covering songs by artists that I felt were “hidden gems,” I find that writing songs is even more fulfilling. There is nothing like singing an original and experiencing the audience’s connection to it.”

Taylor’s debut CD, Awake Again, produced by award-winning songwriter and guitarist Jon Shain, was released in June 2016. It reached number 15 on the folk DJ charts in January 2017.

Full bio

Isabel Taylor grew up in a family that appreciated music, from popular to classical. From a very young age she loved to sing, and participated in choirs throughout her primary and secondary school years. Taylor tried her hand at a number of instruments, including violin, recorder, flute, and piano, but it was the guitar that she connected with in junior high school, after being shown how to play a few chords by a friend. “I suddenly could accompany myself very easily — it was a revelation! Knowing just a few major and minor chords, I learned many of the songs I loved by John Denver, Elton John, Cat Stevens, and so many others.” Throughout high school, music and singing was a big part of Taylor’s social scene.

Fast forward a few years — college, and later work and family take priority, and taking time for playing and singing felt like an indulgence Taylor couldn’t afford. But a lifelong desire to perform was always in the back of her mind, and in her early forties she set a goal to perform at a local open mic. With the loving encouragement of her husband, Keith, who has since become her roadie and sound man, she reached that goal in 2010. The supportive community of fellow performers kept her coming back, and her skills steadily improved. Open mics became her new social scene, and it was at one of these that she was offered her first paying gig. Playing both solo and group gigs with musicians she met along her journey, she performs frequently at venues and festivals in the Triangle (NC) and at the coast.

Her early shows included lesser-known songs by Neil Young, Nanci Griffith, Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, and many other folk icons, and it wasn’t long before Taylor got involved with the North Carolina Songwriters Co-op and took up songwriting. In 2014, she connected with award-winning songwriter and guitarist Jon Shain, who produced her debut CD Awake Again, released in June 2016.

Highlights of Isabel’s musical journey include:

Taylor is president and webmaster for the North Carolina Songwriters Co-op and board member and webmaster for the Southeast Regional Folk Alliance (SERFA), a regional chapter of Folk Alliance International. She lives in Chapel Hill, NC with her husband and two sons.