Isabel Taylor writes and performs original songs covering topics that range from relationships to social injustices to inner struggles and triumphs. The power and warmth of her voice, the clarity of her lyrics and supportive guitar work all combine to create a sometimes joyful, sometimes moving, always engaging musical experience that resonates with the listener. Isabel’s artist influences include Nanci Griffith, Emmylou Harris, James Taylor, and Neil Young, whose songs she interprets in her own unique style. She is currently working on material for her first release.

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Inspiration and community lead to a new song

A couple of months ago, my husband Keith and I were on our way to a wedding near Atlanta. I was enjoying the beautiful, unfamiliar scenery when we crossed a bridge with a river running underneath. In that moment I heard a lyric in my head. I sang it to Keith, melody and all, and recorded it on my phone. I worked on the song for about a month and was having trouble finishing it when I left for the Southeast Regional Folk Alliance conference in Montreat, NC. It was there I met fellow songwriter Kipyn Martin, whom I’d heard perform and admired. While talking about songwriting over breakfast, I mentioned that I had brought an unfinished song to the conference and was having trouble finishing it, even in that idyllic setting. Kipyn graciously offered to listen and offer me her suggestions. The result is “What the Water Knows.” I’m grateful to Kipyn for her kind insights, and to those of you who’ve heard the song, identified with it, and have even been moved by it. I could not ask for more.

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